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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Movie Notes

I'm not quite sure what compelled me to see the midnight showing of "Pulp Fiction" at the Main last Friday, what with the immediate vicinity looking like a dinosaur dig and the humidity at eleventy hundred. But it ruled, even if I was surrounded by a legion of hipper-than-I Che Guevara worshippers.

Having a roomful of boisterous laughter at Rosanna Arquette's "That was trippy" was a new one. Having the place all but jump up for a standing ovation as Bruce Willis thinks twice at the pawn shop door sure as hell beats director commentary.


There is no way that someone who jumps on a motorcycle and travels hundreds of miles to see "A Prairie Home Companion" live could pass up a movie version of the same. Even if I knew it couldn't work. Even if Robert Altman was at the helm. Even if Meryl Streep pulls off Gospel/Americana so flawlessly you begin to think she's a singer-actress rather than the reverse.

It has its moments, but it doesn't make the leap. But I've been listening for 20 years, so it probably never stood a chance.


A big ole Dating Game wind-up kiss for Sofia Coppola and her trailer for "Marie Antoinette." No dialogue. No "IN A WORLD." No nipples of Venus jokes.

Just...New Order's "Age Of Consent" over the top of it. Splendiferous.


Blogger She-Mantis said...

I hate the IN A WORLD Guy.

And I nearly went to see Fight Club at the Main recently, but opted out for probable-crowd reasons. I still believe I made the right decision.

5:46 PM  
Blogger Silent & Gray said...

I'd gladly take the IN A WORLD guy back and frequent commercial theaters again if they weren't constantly probing for the upper limit of preview's gone from 15 minutes to 20, with occasional, slightly modified REPEAT trailers. Plus the grammatically jacked local ads, plus the movie trivia, plus the annoying plug for the theater chain itself...

Oi vey, color me curmudgeon.

9:10 PM  
Blogger She-Mantis said...

Many new DVDs have about 20 mins of trailers nowadays too, with no option to ffwd through any of it. I suppose one can use the bathroom or forage for snacks, just like in a theater setting, but it's still appalling.

Come to think of it, most movie previews are uber-long now as well. You see the whole film in 5 mins, and then decide if you want to see all of the filler when the thing is actually released.

7:49 PM  

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