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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mel Gibson BrewHaHa

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There are a couple of things being overlooked by the hastily assembled court of wonderpundits weighing in on Mel Gibson's past, present, and future.

First, if you want a Gibson brush with anti-semitism, in this case the ever popular "run the media/world" theme, look no further than "The Million Dollar Hotel." Bankrolled by Gibson, starring Gibson as Detective Skinner, and written by Bono (who probably ought to be called onto the same carpet), it contains this exchange:

Goldkiss: Suicide is the lowest form of crime to a Jew. We don't have suicide. We never needed it. Hardly ever.

Skinner: You want a frame-up, get the CIA. You stick with me, you're gonna get the truth.

Goldkiss: The truth? My people decide the truth in 60 countries every morning. And in every one it's different. The truth is the explanation that most people want to buy. And what my rivals want to buy is any piece of shit they can get on me and flush me down the toilet.

Skinner: They won't find it before I do. Information, that's my game.

Goldkiss: This is Hollywood, my boy, we invented the game. They don't need much here. One ounce of shit, they make a shit souffle.

Skinner: Well, thanks for the advice.

Should have taken the advice. Now I guess he's finding out how souffles are made.

Secondly, I'm confused by the eulogies for a Hollywood career that is no longer necessary. I distinctly recall The Passion being turned down by every major studio/distributor/whatever, leaving him to fund it independently, a gamble that set up the cha-ching heard 'round the world.

I also recall that by day three of its release, these same wonderpundits acknowledged that Gibson would never have to work another day in his life--a significant chunk of the 600+ million it made belongs to him. That's three lifetimes of Sundance films about any injustice or conspiracy he would ever care to expose, employing whatever leaps of logic and Michael Moorish creative editing suited his vision.

Where is the tragedy here--that "What Women Want II" will never get made?


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